Veggie Heads

Veggie Heads

My name is Shahir and my sons (Kaden age 10 and Ethan age 7) and I are learning about web3, blockchain, crypto currencies, DAOs, and NFTs. We decided to get hands-on and create our very own NFT collection. We wanted our project to have a societal element to them. We had so many ideas and agreed to start with Veggie Heads!

Veggie Heads is a collection of 5,500 Veggie Head characters on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to donate 10% of all mints to help fight world hunger. We will be usingThe Giving Blockand will donate toNo Kid Hungry


Minting is done! Buy on OpenSea.


Traits and Rarity

The Veggie Heads NFT collection has more than 50 attributes across 9 trait categories. Traits differ in rarity and rarity rankings will be published after minting is complete.

9 Trait Categories



NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, sell, and trade. NFTs can simply be digital asset (art, music, video, etc.) but can also have various benefits. They can be used as a membership card that gives the owner access to member benefits.


We are still working through this but wanted to share with you all what we are thinking. Please keep in mind that this project is being largely done by kids, so the roadmap has a focus on kids learning and having fun!

  • 3Q 2022 - Veggie Head coloring pages.
  • 4Q 2022 - A book that will teach kids about NFTs and how to create an NFT project.
  • 4Q 2022 - Veggie Head T-shirts!

If you have any ideas for us to consider, please direct message us on Twitter. We will update this roadmap as we firm things up.





The propeller head. Technology whiz kid.




The grown-up. Dispenser of wisdom and ATM.




The little boss. Giver of directions.